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Piattaforma ingegneristica di controllo remoto ad alta velocità cingolata
Piattaforma ingegneristica di controllo remoto ad alta velocità cingolata

Piattaforma ingegneristica di controllo remoto ad alta velocità cingolata

Place of Origin: Gui Yang, Gui Zhou, China

Marca: Jonyang

Model Number: JY908-S

Certificazione: ISO9001:2015;ISO14001:2015


This tracked high speed remote control engineering platform adopts the universal platform design, which can quickly replace all kinds of obstacle removal and rescue devices. It has the functions of digging, shoveling, forklift, gripping and other operations, as well as the function of environmental detection. It is suitable for helicopters and transport vehicles to quickly put into the work front to carry out forward surprise reconnaissance and emergency rescue. The overall technology is at the international advanced level.

Altro nome

High speed wireless remote control fire fighting robot

High speed emergency response robotic system

High speed wireless fire fighting robot

High speed road clearing robot

High speed road obstacle clearing vehicle

High speed multi function obstacle clearing robot

Remote control emergency response vehicle


Peso operativo



150 kW

Distanza di telecomando



30km / h

Clamp and Push Force



Wireless remote control obstacle clearing vehicle is suitable for underground construction collapse, urban fire, chemical leakage, nuclear accident and other disaster situation. It can carry out hazardous chemicals treatment,  rapid obstacle removal, environmental detection and other operations.And helping firefighters investigate fire scene situation, open life channel and perform hazardous chemicals transfer, so as to effectively avoid casualties of firefighters.

Vantaggio competitivo

BVR Wireless Remote Control

Better signal transmission is selected automatically to fit the needs of real time situation. The vehicle's adaptability to different landforms is realized under the condition of ensuring 2 km wireless control transmission signal.

Strong Mobility and Flexible Control

The vehicle has a total of five gears with maximum speed over 35km / h. It can move quickly on site to carry out obstacle clearance, environmental monitoring and other work.

Various Working Devices

The vehicle is equipped with mining, shoveling, forklift and other working devices which can meet the requirements of different working conditions.